Grand Mere Restaurant Group

About Us

Grand Mere Restaurant Group was founded in 2017 by Victor Heutz and Michael Cherney to pursue a growth strategy within the restaurant sector.

Michael and Victor’s vision was to create a growth-oriented, best-in-class restaurant company that combined the founder’s unique experiences and successes in the restaurant industry and the investment industry.

In October 2017, the Company acquired 23 underperforming Pizza Hut restaurants in Kansas and Missouri. Utilizing a playbook developed by Victor over 25+ years working in a variety of roles at many different companies, Grand Mere transformed the management and store-level culture of its first stores, which resulted in a significant and rapid operational and financial turnaround. Capitalizing on these early successes, the Company grew rapidly and very quickly became a leading operator in Pizza Hut.

Since then the Company has grown to become a leading franchisee in the system with nearly 150 stores and 3,000+ employees.

Its restaurants are top performers in the Pizza Hut system across nearly all operational and financial metrics. Its founders and operational leaders are considered go-to tactical and strategic leaders across all facets of the system.

Culture and Approach




Our Goal

Take care of our team, who take care of our customers, which ultimately drives and grows the business

Our Vision

Build a performance driven organization that cares about its people and to create a great working environment in every restaurant, every day

Our Promise

Ensure our teams have the tools and resources they need to serve our team members and customers

Our Commitment

Make decisions that help our teams serve our customers better and make our team’s jobs easier

Our Mission

Serve Hot, FAST, and great food with a smile in a clean and safe restaurant

Our focus is to provide very satisfying customer service everyday in every restaurant to every customer

- Michael Cherney, CEO